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3/11/02 Representative Steve Horn California 38th
3/15/02 Representative Dan Burton Indiana 6th
3/15/02 Representative Cliff Stearns Florida 6th
3/18/02 Representative Heather Wilson New Mexico 1st
3/22/02 Representative Nick Rahall II West Virginia 3rd
3/23/02 Representative Charles B. Rangel New York 15th
4/05/02 Representative Lynn Woolsey California 26th
4/08/02 Representative Henry Waxman California 29th
4/08/02 Representative James F. Sensenbrenner Wisconsin 9th
4/14/02 Representative Mike Ferguson New Jersey 7th
7/08/02 Representative Christopher Shays Connecticut 4th
7/14/02 Representative Steven Rothman New Jersey 9th
7/22/02 Senator* Phil Gramm Texas  
7/22/02 Senator* Joseph Lieberman Connecticut  
7/23/02 Senator* Larry E. Craig Indiana  
7/24/02 Senator* Tim Johnson South Dakota  
  * United Parcel service returned four of the 16 x 20 prints to Oakland unopened over three days. A number on the return receipt connected me with the head of the Senate mailroom. Mr. Donnie Cook explained that the Senators were just then receiving the many months of packages sent by US Mail since the October anthrax attacks. There were roughly 15,000 packages. Some Senators were electing to return packages unopened if the sender's business could not be identified.
7/25/02 Senator Charles Hagel Nebraska  
7/25/02 Senator George Allen Montana  
7/26/02 Senator Ben Nelson Nebraska  
  I received a call from a staff member in Senator Ben Nelson’s office concerning the value of the gift. He explained that there were rules as to the value of gifts that could be accepted. We agreed the print had a value of $95.
7/27/02 Senator Mary Landrieu Louisiana  
8/01/02 Senator Hillary Clinton New York  
8/01/02 Senator Conrad Burns Montana  
8/03/02 Representative Jim Ryun Kansas 2nd
8/10/02 Representative Eva Clayton North Carolina 1st
  I received a call from Jean Chippel, an office manager in Representative Eva Clayton's office thanking me for the gift, explaining that an intern had damaged the print in opening the package and requested that the Representative be sent another. I said "yes" but stated that I would not be able to get the print out for at least several weeks.
8/21/02 Representative Karen McCarthy Missouri 5th
9/09/02 I called Representative Clayton's office to discuss the replacement print delivery and to request the damaged print back if it was possible. It was agreed that I would send the replacement print to Jean's home in that the mail service to the Rayburn office building was still highly erratic.
9/14/02 Representative Charles A Gonzalez Texas 20th
9/24/02 Representative Nancy Pelosi California 8th
9/24/02 Representative Robert B. Aderholt Alabama 4th
9/25/02 Senator Barbara Mikulski Maryland  
  Received an unopened print return by Senator Mikulski

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