CAMERAWORK JOURNAL - review by David Buuck

What came back from the House and Senate.

"In God We Trust" grew out of the bemused observation that our currency bears upon it images of architecture that are, by and large, institutions of governance. I found it ironic that the principal instrument of corruption and undue influence, the "greenback", bears upon it the images of those same institutions that it subverts.
During the week of February 25th 2002, each member of the 107th Congress (100 Senators, 435 Representatives) received a print from this series with the hope that it would serve as a reminder of the conflict between representing the people and the need to seek campaign funding within the bounds of a system awash with special interest money. Senators received randomly selected 16" x 20" prints from the series and Members of the House received 11" x 14" prints.
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